Mathematics – SOAR & STEM

SOAR Fraction Intervention – Burlington

Another session of the SOAR Fraction Intervention class will be offered March 9, 10, and 30 at the Burlington AEA. Participants will deepen content and pedagogical knowledge of mathematics by analyzing the standards across the Number and Operations Fractions domain. They will also receive tools for classroom teaching, diagnostics, and intervention. This class is offered for both participant or renewal credit. Search for course #160496. PDF Flyer:

STEM Scale-Up Program Menu

The 2020-21 STEM Scale-Up Program Menu is out! There are a number of projects that lean a bit closer to the M (Math) in STEM this time!  You can find both the application and the menu at the above link. Notably, there are a number of exciting computer science programs, including Bootstrap. Desmos Middle School Math augments the Illustrative Math Grade 8 curriculum with web-based activities and assessments. Hand2Mind has a program for Differentiated Math Centers which utilizes so many hands-on games and activities. There are also programs focusing on engineering and engineering principles, such as STEM in Action.

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