School Improvement – March 2019

ESSA and School Improvement Support:

Universal Tier Tools Day 1 & 2 Training for Comprehensive and Targeted High Schools

Action Plan Training

Helpful Resources:

ESSA Support Site

  • Data Review, Resource Review, and UTT guide

ESSA Modules found in AEA PD Online

  • descriptions for the modules designed for school teams
    • C4K Introduction to MTSS
    • C4K Assessment Literacy
    • C4K ESSA Module 2: Self- Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI)
    • C4K Introduction to Universal Instruction
    • C4K ESSA Module 1: Data Review – Iowa School Performance Profile (released Dec 2018)
    • C4K ESSA Module 3: Action Planning

Dates to Remember:

Science Module 4: Literacy in Science for Elementary Teachers

    • Elementary – March 21-22 @ Burlington & 
    • April 8-9 @ Burlington
    • MS/HS – March 4-5 @ Burlington & March 11-12 @ Ottumwa
    • Registration link

Advanced Learner Multi-Tiered System of Support Guide

Curriculum Network

  • March 25th @ Burlington, 9:00 to 11:30 am
  • March 26th @ Ottumwa, 9:00 to 11:30 am

Principals Network

  • April 18th @ FACC, 8:30 to 12:00

Coming this Summer:

Supporting Students’ Complete Mental Health in a Multi-Tiered Framework with Dr. Shannon Suldo – OTTUMWA (please note a change in location)

Suldo - June 2019

PDF: Suldo – June 2019 (2)

Research provides robust evidence that students’ mental health is closely tied to their school behavior and academic achievement. This 2-day workshop will convey best practices in promotion of student complete mental health, through the implementation of universal programs and practices that build social-emotional-behavioral competencies and prevent psychological problems, identification of students in need of supplemental services, and provision of evidence-based interventions to enhance the subjective well-being of all students and teachers in the classroom.

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