External Partners – August 2017

Reminder: FASTBridge K-6 Literacy Training Underway

The Department of Education is transitioning to a new statewide data system for K-6 literacy through FASTBridge Learning. To help school districts with this transition, comprehensive training via webinars and regional face-to-face meetings are being offered now through the end of October. These training slots are limited and information needed to register for the training is being distributed to district participants by their principals or superintendents.

Here are a few key answers to recent questions the DE has received about the training and the transition:

  • The DE has the capacity to train a few people from each school or district, and the expectation is that the people who receive training will use the available resources to help train others in their building.
  • The DE is still considering how to collect screening data from schools not using the FAST system.
  • The screening windows for 17-18 for all schools (other than the three Iowa year-round schools) are defined by the IDOE and shall not be changed by the district:

Fall: September 11 to October 6
Winter: January 15 to February 9
Spring: April 23 to May 18

The Department will provide ongoing communication and support throughout this important transition. District staff who are interested in more frequent updates can sign up to receive regular Early Warning System email updates.

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