Agency Updates – May 2017

Message from Dr. Jon Sheldahl

On Monday, April 24, the Great Prairie AEA Board of Directors accepted my resignation so I can become the new chief administrator at Heartland AEA in Johnston.  I have been in Southeast Iowa for nearly 17 years now and raised my kids here, so leaving is bittersweet.  My folks and my wife’s folks both live in the Des Moines area as does my son so this opportunity allows me to be closer to family.  Heartland will be a new experience for me and I look forward to the professional challenges as well.  Please know that I will continue to be an advocate for all Iowa schools.  I owe a great deal to the many friends and colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure of working these past 17 years, so thank you.  I’m sure our paths will continue to cross and I look forward to that.

GPAEA is a great place to work, with many talented staff and a first class board of directors.  Our board will begin the process of seeking my replacement immediately on Monday and they hope to hire a suitable replacement as soon as possible.  I will continue to be here through June 30, so please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your district.  Thanks again.

Transportation – Certify your Agreements

Last month Superintendents and Transportation Directors were asked to set permissions and this month we will ask you to certify those agreements. Watch for emails or login to the Transportation Website to get started.
Contact: Jennifer Woodley, or 319-753-6561 Ext. 1232

Title IX Presentation from Drew Bracken

At this month’s Superintendent Meeting Drew Bracken presented on Title IX, Investigating Gender-Based Violence in Schools. Attached a PDF of his PowerPoint.

PDF: Investigating Gender Based Violence in Schools

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