Agency Updates – February 2020

The Cornerstone – February 2020


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ICYMI: Past Headlines

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GPAEA ESSA Training Schedule 2019-20

The GPAEA ESSA Training Schedule 2019-20 contains training descriptions, course registration links, dates, times. & locations along with the AEA State training schedule link.  Check frequently as trainings continue to be finalized.

Contact your Regional Director with questions.

Region 1 – Alan Schwarte
Regional Director
800-622-0027 Ext. 5801 Harold L. Mick Office (Albia)

Region 2 – Nathan Wood
Regional Director
800-622-0027 Ext. 5512 Ottumwa Office

Region 3 – Dr. Deb Cook
Regional Director
800-622-0027 Ext. 5324 Ottumwa Office

Region 4 – Jim Cope
Regional Director
800-622-0027 Ext. 5396 Fairfield Office

Region 5 – Kim Kirchner
Regional Director
800-382-8970 Ext. 2115 Mount Pleasant Office

Region 6 – Shawn Stringer
Regional Director
800-382-8970 Ext. 1103 Burlington Office

Region 7 – Michelle Harris
Regional Director
800-382-8970 Ext. 3011 Burlington Office

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Mathematics – SOAR & STEM

SOAR Fraction Intervention – Burlington

Another session of the SOAR Fraction Intervention class will be offered March 9, 10, and 30 at the Burlington AEA. Participants will deepen content and pedagogical knowledge of mathematics by analyzing the standards across the Number and Operations Fractions domain. They will also receive tools for classroom teaching, diagnostics, and intervention. This class is offered for both participant or renewal credit. Search for course #160496. PDF Flyer:

STEM Scale-Up Program Menu

The 2020-21 STEM Scale-Up Program Menu is out! There are a number of projects that lean a bit closer to the M (Math) in STEM this time!  You can find both the application and the menu at the above link. Notably, there are a number of exciting computer science programs, including Bootstrap. Desmos Middle School Math augments the Illustrative Math Grade 8 curriculum with web-based activities and assessments. Hand2Mind has a program for Differentiated Math Centers which utilizes so many hands-on games and activities. There are also programs focusing on engineering and engineering principles, such as STEM in Action.

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Educators: Login to AEA Scout – Digital Resources at your fingertips!


Download PDF: AEA_Scout_Flyer_FINAL

Visit > click Login > select Login for Educator > enter the same username/password that you use to register for AEA Professional Learning or Mandatory Reporter > Search & Explore

Questions? Contact your school’s Teacher Librarian or Jane Frizzel, at GPAEA

More information will be shared in next month’s The Cornerstone.

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Iowa Authentic Learning Network Spring Opportunities

ALNOpportunitiesFlyer20200110-2 (1)_Page_1

Download ALNOpportunitiesFlyer20200110-2 (1) to register for the following Iowa Authentic Learning Network Opportunities:

  • Feb 11 Best practices in STEM #Reboot
  • April 1-2 Agile for Education: A Scrum Play by Play
  • April 8th Iowa ALN Professional Learning & Student Expo
  • April 22nd Iowa ALN Professional Learning & Student Expo

For questions please contact:
Laura Williams, 21st Century Learning Specialist

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Please share: Substitute Authorization Courses available in Burlington & Ottumwa beginning March

The demand for quality substitute teachers is high, please consider sharing this opportunity on your District’s website or social media sites:


Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a substitute teacher? Register today for a Substitute Authorization Course in March in Burlington or Ottumwa

This post can also be shared from Great Prairie AEA’s Facebook & Twitter accounts.

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Free Online Learning Opportunities for Educators with Dr. Carolyn Manard, Author of OMG! Meeting Magic in Education

Contact Annette Clarahan or Kelly Wallace for more information.

  • Session 1 – Participants will learn the OMG of OMG! Meeting Magic in Education: Organize, communicate with team members prior to the meeting to establish collaboration and prepare for an effective meeting; Model, the procedural steps of the meeting and understand the uniqueness of the variety of individuals fulfilling the parenting role in today’s society; and Guide, through the do’s and don’ts of an effective IEP meeting. Additionally, participants will learn strategies in how to facilitate IEP meetings and how to avoid conflict in a sometimes contentious setting. Click here to view Session 1
  • Session 2 – As society has changed, the parenting obligation and who has it has broadened. With each of these roles comes the characteristics we must know, understand, and adapt to in meeting. Parents come to meetings with their perspective impacted by their role influencing how they respond to our efforts. Therefore, a deeper look into the types of parents we encounter is warranted. Participants will learn strategies to better communicate with a diverse group of individuals serving in parental roles today (parent, foster parent, grandparent, step-parent, single parents, adoptive parents, etc.).  Click here to view Session 2
  • Session 3 – In a reasonable world most adults can have reasonable conversations resulting in some level of agreement and ability to work together. In unique situations with challenging participants, this may not always be accomplished. This session will focus on dealing with contentious team members, managing threatening comments, gracefully ending meetings, debriefing with the team, and final communication. Participants will be provided with a sample checklist of all the procedures and guidelines for organizing, modeling and guiding an effective IEP meeting. Click here to view Session 3
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